Many lawyers build their profiles using social media. Ed built his before social media was invented. Clients don’t call Ed because they follow him on Twitter. They call him because he has more experience than all but a handful of lawyers in the province. Beyond his forty-plus years of experience, clients appreciate Ed’s open door, approachability, and knack for resolving complex problems with a sense of ease and levity.

Ed’s primary practice areas include personal injury, real estate, wills and estates, marine law, and corporate work.



Every case has key issues that ultimately decide the outcome. A good lawyer is able to identify these issues at the outset, and build from there. Applying this approach enables Jon to not only get the results his clients want, but save them from unnecessary time and expense.

It’s not unusual for Jon’s clients to call faced with difficult, stressful situations. By being approachable and responsive, he is able to put them at ease and resolve the problem.

Jon’s primary practice areas include criminal and disciplinary defence, personal injury, civil litigation, and real estate. He also helps clients in planning their estates and drafting wills.