A new way of doing old business.


Noonan Law is a small law firm located at the top of McBride’s Hill, on Duckworth Street, in historic St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The firm’s roots were established in 1970, when Edward Noonan, Q.C. began his practice in the building that we operate out of today. The name of the firm has changed over the years, but our focus on delivering the highest quality of legal services with integrity and professionalism has not. We like to think that we’re a small office, with a big punch.

Although we are firmly rooted in our past, we’re not stuck in it. We understand that clients are not satisfied with the old ways of delivering legal services. One way that we have evolved to meet contemporary demands is in how we bill. Clients get frustrated when they receive an invoice for an unexpected amount, for work done that they weren’t aware of, by a junior associate they had never met. We provide fixed rates for most of our services, including litigation. We do this for two reasons. One, our clients expect a reasonable appreciation of what a job will cost before they hire us. Two, we don’t want to feel constrained in how much attention we can give to a file because our client’s resources are limited. We expect to get paid for the work that we do, but the quality of our work will not depend upon the size of the job.